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White Paper and Case Study Services


Market Your Services and Product With Customer Stories And White Paper.

Case Study Service: Give Me A Chance And I will Create Customer Stories That Drives Your Company’s Sales, Marketing And PR Goals.


The success of any Company or firms is proving to their clients that their product and services work.

They solve the problems and offers solutions. It is not a matter of telling the client that your product work…But showing them the results achieved by satisfied customers.

That is what will compel them to shell out hundreds of dollars to get the results and solutions that your business delivers.

That is the basis of having a strategic case study that can boost all your marketing and sales goals.

The biggest clients’ motivation in the B2B industry is the results that your business offers to them. A strategic case study is the answer to all that…to make them believe in your brands and do business with you.

Compelling case studies is the reason why big brands like Google, Microsoft and IBM have been dominant in the market space. Because they don’t just preach what they do…But they show the client what they can achieve.

Am certified case study copywriter and my job is to help you meet your marketing and  sales goals by writing a compelling case study that makes business pull out their wallets and buy your services or products.

Here is what I will do to create  compelling case study that will make prospective business hungry for your services and product.

  • Gather information.

Strategize the way I will gather information. Learn more about the vision and mission behind your company to know the objective of the case study, your prospect and key ideas to incorporate in your case study.

  • Develop strategic questionnaires.

Design interview questions that will get your customers talking and draw out the perfect story for the study. I will give a suggestion for the questions so that you can approve.

  • Conduct interview

I will gather background information from someone in your organization who knows more about customer’s history and experience. Then I will conduct interviews with customers.

  • Write the case study, review and approval.

Create a killer headline, subheads, sidebars and quotes that tell your company’s stories in a positive light that highlight how your company solves problems and offers solution.

Finally, I will then send you a polished draft. Here is where you can suggest any changes that you want in the case study.

  • Design capabilities.

I will work with your designer every step of the way to make sure that the design compliments every element of the case study.

White Papers.

These are educational material with an objective to help your client evaluate your services and products. A well-written white paper can place you as an authority in your space. With a white I paper i follow the similar procedure with a slight difference.

If you want any of these documents produced in a cost effective way and much faster, contact us now. And we will schedule an interview to learn how we can help your business meet and break their sales record.