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The 7 Step Content Marketing Strategies for Better Web Results and Leads.


To help you achieve success with your B2B site, here is my proven formula  I follow to deliver ultimate results and expand your online presence.

  1. Initial contact and Proposal.

I will schedule a Skype interview to get to know you and find your business goals and purpose. I will audit your site to find out where the breakdown are happening your sales circle. My audit will help me develop a result-oriented strategic proposal outlining the tasks, deliverability, timeline and the cost of the appropriate project.

  1. In-depth discovery questionnaire: Web purpose and online research.

In this discovery phase, we will work together with the main objectives of finding out mission, purpose, goals, comprehensive position and your target audience.

In this section, I will analyze your current site and do a thorough keyword analysis to find out what your customer’s really want.

  1. Current Site Analysis and Recommendation: 21-Usability checklist for better web optimization.

I will evaluate your site from a customer’s view point and point out the areas that you need to improve. I will come up with a detailed plan on how to implement certain pages on the site so that they can gain SEO advantage. In this section I will feature recommendation on areas to strengthen your current content strategy and SEO keyword.

  1. Key Message Clarity (Promise/Benefit) for target audience: Web Creative Brief.

Here is where I develop a detailed content strategy brief outlining your audience “pain points”-their fears, their frustration, the goals, the desire. In short, I will dig deeper to know more about the kind of clients or business that you are serving. Then I will create your website’s value proposition that will outline how your product or services offers the best solutions in the market.


This phase is critical for content optimization so that you prospect and search engine can find your site for solution.

  1. Information Architecture:

I will work with your design team to develop your site’s blueprint. In this phase, I want to make sure that your official sitemaps is confirming the number of pages and post, what each of them entails and how it flows from the site’s homepage and the buying process.

  1. Detailed marketing content in a content map/wire frame and user focus SEO copy.

After you have approved your content map, I will write optimized marketing contents. This includes making sure that the pages and post are SEO focused and take your clients or prospect to the next level of selling circle.

After you have approved the content, your design team will build the each page and post. I will also participate on the page review phase, checking out the look and feel of the copy, the clarity and flow of the content.

  1. Marketing your site.

As a consultant I also market your site through various marketing channels such as PPC advertising, linking building, landing pages, creating webinar slides. Together we will test each section of the site to increase the conversation rates. Now for a comprehensive list of how my services can help you…check out my service page.