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SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting: Let Me Uncover Sweet Spot In Your Industry And Boost The Search Rankings For Your Site’s In 3 Months.

Let’s face it.

Your client’s or prospects will trust the results that show up on Google first page before they make a decision, whether to buy from you or not. My job is to help your site get this ranking. To get your site show up in the search engine results.

I will uncover SEO opportunities where your competitor is unfamiliar with and figure out ways you can benefit from these lucrative gaps.

With my SEO approach, your clients will find your copy, at the right time when they are in the mood to buy your services or product.

A study done by Google and Millward Brown Digital shows that 89% of B2B professional use the Search engine to research business purchases. And 71% start with a simple Google search.

That means that your business success depends on the right clients finding your company on the search results using appropriate keyword phrases.

Results and benefit of SEO copywriting to your company.

  • SEO driven leads has 14.6 closing rate and they are 8X more likely to convert. Compared to outbound leads that have a closing rate of 1.7 %( Hubspot statistics).
  • According to Forester research 57.4% of B2B businesses say that SEO driven strategy has the huge impact on their lead generation.
  • SEO copywriting gives your business instant credibility and a position your company as the go for authority in that space. This because clients trust the results that they find on the search engine and are more open to find out the right information that solves their day to day problems.
  • SEO is measurable. With new SEO technology coming out of the space, it is easy to measure your marketing campaign and to gain competitive advantage. You can easily calculate the value of the SEO strategy in your business.

What I Will Do.

  • Schedule a Skype interview with you. To know about your business objectives, goals and mission. I will send you an initial brief so that I know the ways I can help your company.
  • Competitive intelligence: Do a research to uncover your competitor’s strength and weakness. Give your recommendation on areas to improve so that you can increase your site’s presence and brand visibility.
  • Detail keyword research and strategy.
  • Detailed content optimization meeting Google guidelines.(Pure white hat SEO strategy).

Pages that I will optimize.

  1. Home Page Content: SEO and Sales-Converting copywriting.
  2. Category Page Updates: SEO and Sales-converting copywriting. Includes rewrites of About, Service and subpages.
  3. Product Page Updates. SEO and Sales-converting copywriting. My focus here is to help you generate more traffic and sales for each specific product or service that you offer.
  4. New Page: SEO and Sales-converting copywriting. My focus is to write professional compelling copy for all your product and services.
  5. Article Pages: SEO and sales-copywriting. My objective is to keep your visitors coming back and converting them to future buyers.
  6. Blog post: Write single-focus copy that drive visitors to your site.

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