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Comprehensive Site Audit package.


Goals and Aspirations.

In any competitive environment, your company will need new leads and turn them into paying clients or customers. Your best chance is to take advantage 0f free search traffic. A lean, focused SEO campaign brings the following results:

  • Give your website more attention from interested prospects.
  • Turn interested prospect into paying customers.
  • Gain visibility in popular search engine without risky penalty.

If your company doesn’t optimize its website to perform well with  the search engine, it risks drying up its pipeline of prospective customers in an increasingly competitive online space.

Recommendation For Your Company.

Let me conduct a comprehensive site audit to review your messages, reveal key findings and recommend SEO/sales copy strategies for success.

A comprehensive site audit will help us uncover ways we can improve your current website’s results.

What I do is to study your B2B site and use a 36-usability checklist to compare it against the current web practices. Then come up with ways we can improve it so that it communicate the right message to your b2b prospect and generate leads to your business.

 The Package Description:

Your detailed site audit report will consist of 10-15 pages covering key metrics that matter most to your business. Here are the three important sections that the report will cover:


A thorough reviews of your current content marketing to determine if your b2b site meets the 5 C’s Content Guide™ for Web Pages That Work. Here is what we look at:

  • Customer-focused: Does it offer benefits driven solution to your visitors?
  • Competitive: Does it meet the current relevant SEO keywords and sales copy that is scanable.
  • Clear: Does it offer helpful, scannable information within a user-friendly structure?
  • Conversation-optimized: Does it guide the prospect with offers and links that generate action (Conversation) or consummate sales.
  • Consistent: Does it connect all pages with a constant brand voice and SEO approach

A thorough report of your b2b sites strength and opportunities that includes:

  • Screenshot’s indicating the best web practices compared to your site and what can be improved for better results.
  • Your ranking in the search engines, where your competitor is ranking. What your competitor did to keep him in the ranks and the best possible way to keep your site ahead.
  • A document covering your site strength’s: Where it has done well and areas to improve further.


A strategic customized content strategy to boosts your B2B SEO traffic and site conversation.

In the section, you get a detailed report in areas where you can improve your site performance across all the pages.

The detailed section will include:

  • Improvement in the headline: Headlines are a valuable asset in communicating your brand. I will show you how to leverage this.
  • Craft compelling copy that gives you the results that you want. It can be to increase leads, sign up or sales.
  • Tell compelling stories that capture’s your prospect interest- Use storytelling to highlight your brand’s voice to the market.
  • A step by step formula to guide your prospect and motivate them in the selling sequence.
  • A suggestion on the projects we must start right away to boost your current marketing plus the cost.

Why Strategic Marketing for B2B?

Here is the brutal truth:

Your company website doesn’t need traffic, it needs paying customers and clients. We understand that this is why we continue to optimize out SEO campaign after they’re launched.

We are the best choice to launch and manage your SEO campaign, because we keep your return on investment in mind.

This report will help us improve the overall results of your site and convert cold traffic to loyal customer.

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