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Content Marketing + Outreach = Quality & Relevant Links

You and I know that traffic and links are life the blood of your blog. Without them, your blog dies a painfully death. Writing killer content is not enough, you need to have the courage to promote it.

Here at Strategic Marketing for B2B, we help you get traffic to your pages. Most importantly, do an email outreach for every post that we publish  and promote it for you across the internet. Our goal is to help you post generate 50 back links from authoritative sites. Imagine the amount traffics that you can get from 50 links.

The more readers you have, the  forward motion your gain in building your audience. And we can help you here. Here are the steps that we take to make sure that your blog gets the traffic and links.

Get Traffic and Links

Step 1: Create Content That’s So Good People Will Share It

Let’s face it:

Even the best content online gets ignored. To write content that generate links from, we actually create content that influencers can’t ignore but share it. Here are the types of content that we create for your blog:

Gigantic List Posts

If you want to grab your reader’s attention, then you need to be creating gigantic list posts like 25 or 100 ways to do something. Brian Clark had this to say about gigantic list posts.

Any headline that lists a number of reasons, secrets, types, or ways will work because, once again, it makes a very specific promise of what’s in store for the reader. A nice quantifiable return on attention invested goes a long way toward prompting action, and as long as you deliver with quality content, you’ll have a satisfied reader.

Here at Strategic Marketing For B2B, we can help you create gigantic list post in any industries. All you need is to reach and talk to us. We can help you like we’ve helped our clients.

Expert Roundup Posts

Expert roundup works so well from the audience-perspective, because they get a sage of advice from different experts. The beauty of this post is that influencers who you have featured on the article, will be happy to share your article. Here ate Strategic Marketing For B2B, we reach out for experts and ask them to gives us a quote about a certain topic.

Then, when the post is live, we follow and ask them to share your post. The key when writing an expert post is asking the influencers the right kind of questions that they will be happy to answer.

Get Traffic and Links

Ultimate Guides Post

When it comes to writing the ultimate guide, our job is to find out the angle in your niche that nobody has ever covered. Most importantly, find a gap in the market that we can make you an expert. Writing the Ultimate guides  helps you get lots of passive traffic in the future and beyond.

Egobait List Post

This type of list post is no-brainer. Egobait is about curating the list of people or blogs in your niche. It’s easy to ask people that you have featured a link.

Step 2: Finding The Right People To Share Your Content

Here is the best part, instead of asking random people for links, we find sites that have linked to content in similar industries. If they linked to your content, chances are, they will link to your blog post.

To maximize your chances, our goal here is to find 500 to 1000 link prospects using tools like Majestic SEO and Opensite Explorer. This is a huge task but it is worth every dollar that you pay for.

Step 3: Find Email Address And Ask Them To Share

Once we’ve found the email address of everyone using email hunter, rapportive and Lusha. Then, we reach out to them and give them a reason why they should share your content. Our goal is to help you get 25 to 50 links pointing back to  your articles. The more links and traffic you have, the more readers  you have.

Here are at Strategic Marketing For B2B, we take three steps to make sure that you get the traffic that you want. With the strategies that we have outlined here, there’s no doubt that you’ll have the traffic that you need.

Traffic is the beginning of the process, not the end. Once someone comes to your website, your ultimate goal is to convert them into a super fan who will share all your posts, buy your products and services, and support you for the next decade. Contact us today.

Get Links and Traffic or Your Money Back